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We invite you to participate in the EQHawk pre-sale, where for the support amount of 400 EUR you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of the vehicle and additional benefits, such as the choice of any color, a dedicated child seat or pad on the driver's seat. The construction of prototypes will start in the second quarter of 2023, and delivery is planned for 2024. Join us now and gain access to the innovative EQHawk mobility.

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The purchase of an EQHawk vehicle is not only a choice of a modern means of transport, but also an investment in an ecological future. The EQHawk is an electric vehicle with a unique design that stands out from the rest. Driving it not only allows you to travel without CO2 emissions, but also makes you feel proud that you are contributing to the protection of the environment. The range of 80 km on a single charge gives you the freedom to travel around the city, and the low running costs save on fuel and maintenance. The EQHawk also offers many practical solutions, such as the ability to take a passenger or larger cargo, a dedicated child seat and many other options tailored to your needs. It is an innovative vehicle equipped with advanced technologies and safety systems, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. By choosing EQHawk, you choose ecology, innovation and style. Join the community that wants an emission-free future and enjoy the comfort of traveling in one of the most modern electric vehicles on the market.