Two-person, practical, all-year-round, cheap and easy to maintain – this is what the EQHawk is – an all-terrain vehicle. A fully enclosed bicycle vehicle that may be engine assisted. The EQHawk is suitable for use on bicycle paths and public roads. Environmentally and user-friendly, safe and modern.

EQHawk highlights and features:

    • The glass cockpit provides excellent visibility
    • Easy access to the interior of the cabin (getting in and out) as well as the luggage area
    • The interior offers space for one adult and a passenger (max 1.7 m tall) plus 120L of luggage space behind the passenger seat
    • It is comfortable due to adjustable position of the seats
    • The vehicle is clearly visible in road traffic with front and rear LED lights
    • It offers safety, as well as all weather and collision protection
    • It is extremely stable thanks to its 4 wheels and amortized suspension
    • It offers effective brakes (front: 2x 90 mm drum brake, rear: 2x disc brake)
    • Low weight of the aerodynamic body made of composite
    • Chassis elements made of high-quality aluminum
    • Electric assistance with the range of 80 km (with one 1200 Wh battery) or up to 160 km (with two 2400 Wh batteries)
    • Optional charging via photovoltaic panels is possible
    • Low maintenance costs: charging from any socket, no vehicle taxes (in most European countries), no registration and no driving license required
    • Zero emission 100% built in Poland (in Europe)

Technical data

Due to the ongoing process of prototyping the vehicle, the technical data presented below refer to the first series of prototypes, which will be produced in 2022. The final technical specification may differ, while individual elements marked with “*” must comply with the law in force in the country for which the vehicle will be produced. Our vehicles will be adapted to the customer’s needs and the legal requirements in individual countries.

Length: 282cm
Width: 88cm
Height: 112cm
Wheelbase: 82cm
Clearance: 16cm
Turning radius: 7,2m
Weight: 75kg with 1 battery 1200Wh
Cargo: 165kg (driver +passenger + baggage)
Total weight allowed: 240kg
Continuous rated motor power: 250W*
Top speed (electric assist): 25km/h*
Drive-off assistance: 6km/h*
Energy recovery (recuperation): Yes
Reverse gear: Yes (Electric)
Battery voltage: 48V*
Battery capacity: 1.2kWh*
Battery Quantity: Standard 1x (Optional 2x)*
Range: 80km*
Drive system: Hybrid (HPV + ELECTRIC)
Chassis: Suspended front and rear axle
Brakes: 2x Drum + 2x Disc
Parking brake: Yes
Gear shift: Manual or Automatic System*
Number of wheels: 4x
Wheel diameter: 20 inches
Lighting: Whole vehicle lighting package in LED technology
Brake light: YES
Direction indicator: YES
Side mirrors: YES* (Electronic Camera System with DVR)
Horn: YES
Speakers: YES
Android application connection: YES
Dashboard: Equipped with a touch pad. Connected to the multicontroller controlling the vehicle electronics systems
Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC*
USB charging port: YES
Navigation: YES (Android application additionally payable)
Windshield Wiper: YES
Vehicle windows: Made of non-scratch polycarbonate
Panoramic roof: YES (partially transparent)
Removable roof: YES (cabrio version)
Lockable trunk: YES
Theft Protection: YES (electric locks opening with fingerprint reader and key RfiD)
Trunk loading area: 120L
Number of seats: 2
Color: The color list will be published at a later stage of the project
Charger: YES, built-in in the vehicle, standard power supply from 230 V mains* (Optional: Vehicle charging system powered by solar energy from photovoltaic cells)
Registration required: NO*
Driving license required: NO*
Allowed for traffic on bicycle paths: YES*
Insurance required: NO
Possibility to install a small child seat: YES
Ventilation, Airflow: YES (Adjustable front central air inlet + optional electric cool or warm air flow)
Ventilation, Heating, Roof glass evaporation: YES (electric warm air flow)

Comfort and safety

We understand how important it is to feel safe and to have enough comfort.

Our vehicle combines the features of a bicycle with the comfort of a car. As a result, we have obtained a vehicle that is safe and comfortable while taking care of his physical condition and the environment.

Thanks to the use of 4 wheels, EQHawk provides excellent ride comfort and stability.

This easy to drive vehicle is equipped with LED lights to facilitate the visibility of it to other drivers on the road.

The EQHawk is equipped with a seat that can be adjusted in several positions to give everyone the most comfortable riding position. Getting in and out of the vehicle is easy for both the driver and passenger, as well as for the disabled.

To ensure your safety the design of the vehicle protects you and a passenger against weather conditions as well as during a road collision or accident.

Additionally the built-in frame and the crush zones absorb energy during an accident and the seat belt provides protection during rollover.

The EQHawk also gives you functional luggage space. Its spacious trunk can also be enlarged by the area of the passenger seat.

EQHawk - the perfect car and bike replacement

Imagine going anywhere without worrying about parking space. EQHawk is a vehicle that combines the best features of a car and a pedal-assisted ebike.

It is eco-friendly. The EQHawk Hybrid version is equipped with a electric motor to suit your riding style.

EQHawk is categorized as a bicycle so you can use streets as well as bicycle paths. Parking is no longer a problem either.

The EQHawk is safer than a traditional bike thanks to a specially constructed safety cage in its body and custom lighting. We believe that our hybrid velomobile is an excellent compromise in terms of personal transport.

Need more reasons?

Riding the EQHawk is as healthy as riding a bicycle. It has been designed to provide the user with the most comfortable riding position, while increasing the efficiency of muscle work.

The EQHawk is a hybrid vehicle, so you can choose the type of drive – classic bicycle pedal drive, battery drive, or electrically assisted pedal drive.

For your convenience, the EQHawk is equipped with useful accessories, such as dashboard touch panel, stereo with speakers, smart apps, GPS tracker and LED lights.

In the front of the vehicle there are two storage pockets – perfect for maps or documents. Behind the driver, there is a seat for a passenger and a large luggage compartment

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About us

Years ago the idea was born. It was born from passion and dreams. It has been developing gradually. It had been changing and transforming into its present shape.

The main driving force behind this idea was the desire to create a useful vehicle for people who seek innovative perspective for personal transport.

From the very beginning particular steps were needed to reach the current stage. From a simple idea to the first action. From sketches to the computer visualisations. From a model to the prototype.

We are people with passion and a dream to bring something more than just a simple velomobile.

Our team

Piotr Majcher
Founder and creator of our vehicle. Thanks to him you get our velomobile in all his might.

Karolina Majcher
 If you contact with us you will probably talk with her. She is our marketing and public relations specialist.

Radosław Jaźwiec
Responsible for the development of our company. Thanks to him, we can develop and broaden our idea of velomobiles.




EQHawk sp. z.o.o.

ul. Wojska Polskiego 9
39-300 Mielec Polska

Telefon: +48792270250, +48696455957

KRS 0000838083
NIP 8172196418
REGON 385926265

Projekt pn. EQHAWK – polski rower przyszłości

Projekt realizowany w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia Oś Priorytetowa 1 Przedsiębiorcza Polska Wschodnia, Działanie 1.1 Platformy startowe dla nowych pomysłów, Poddziałanie 1.1.2 Rozwój startupów w Polsce Wschodniej

Kwota dofinansowania: 862 665,00 zł

Głównym celem projektu jest opracowanie i wdrożenie na rynek innowacyjnego zabudowanego roweru czterokołowego. Projekt stanowi rozwinięcie działalności biznesowej przedsiębiorstwa typu startup w oparciu o innowacyjny produkt i model biznesowy przygotowany w ramach poddziałania 1.1.1 POPW.
Cel główny zostanie osiągnięty przez realizację celów szczegółowych, tj.:
– przeprowadzenie prac projektowych mających na celu opracowanie projektu podwozia i wnętrza pojazdu,
– budowę prototypu w ramach partii testowej – ocena osiągniętych założeń
– prowadzenie działań marketingowych i promocyjnych w tym udział w targach, co zwiększy rozpoznawalność i pomoże dotrzeć do grupy docelowej.

Rezultaty projektu:
– wyprodukowanie i wdrożenie innowacyjnego produktu na rynek – szt. 1
– udział w targach zagranicznych – 3
– wprowadzenie produktu na rynek polski i zagraniczny – szt. 1

Zadania realizowane w projekcie:
1. Wykonanie projektów niezbędnych do wykonania prototypów
2. Przygotowanie zaplecza produkcyjnego
3. Wykonanie prototypowej partii testowej
4. Działania marketingowe i doradcze.
Produkt będzie stanowił innowację w skali europejskiej i realizowany będzie w Mielcu na terenie woj.
należącego do programu Polska Wschodnia.

Przedmiotem projektu jest innowacyjny pojazd hybrydowy typu zabudowany rower dwuosobowy, znany na rynku europejskim pod nazwą velomobile. Pomysł zakłada budowę ekologicznego roweru hybrydowego napędzanego siłą ludzkich mięśni oraz wspomaganego silnikiem elektrycznym. Odpowiada na potrzebę wprowadzenia pojazdów ekologicznych, tanich w utrzymaniu, nie generujących dodatkowych zanieczyszczeń dla środowiska. Mieszkańcy aglomeracji poszukują alternatywnych środków transportu dla klasycznych pojazdów spalinowych, które powodują duże zagęszczenie na najpopularniejszych trasach (korki), natężenie spalin i hałasu, problemy z utrzymaniem i parkingiem. Pojazd typu velomobile łączy w sobie cechy roweru i samochodu. Dzięki konstrukcji napędu rowerowego pojazd jest klasyfikowany jako rower i może poruszać się po ścieżkach rowerowych i drogach niedostępnych dla samochodów. Zastosowanie również wspomagającego napędu elektrycznego umożliwia użytkownikom szybkie przemieszczanie się oraz daje możliwość pokonywania długich dystansów bez większego wysiłku. Zabudowa roweru daje mu unikalny kształt i chroni przed niekorzystnymi warunkami atmosferycznymi, a ponadto daje dodatkową ochronę w przypadku kolizji. Na rynku polskim nie istnieje podobny pojazd o cechach łączących rower i samochód, dający komfort jazdy i bezpieczeństwo jednocześnie umożliwiając poruszanie się po ścieżkach rowerowych i drogach niedostępnych dla samochodu. W Europie tego typu pojazdy są coraz bardziej popularne i w ostatnich 2 latach widać dynamiczny rozwój rynku.